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Genetics of germ cell development. PDF

Next-generation sequencing in the clinic: are we ready? PDF

Induced pluripotent stem cells: the new patient? PDF
Nature versus nurture: developing enzymes that function under extreme conditions. PDF
Programming of DNA Methylation Patterns. PDF
Rethinking vector immunology: the role of environmental temperature in shaping resistance. PDF

Mucosal Vaccine Design and Delivery. PDF

Adaptation of Pseudomonas aeruginosa to the cystic fibrosis airway: an evolutionary perspectivePDF

Protein structure prediction from sequence variation. PDF

D. Bosch, A. Schots, Plant glycans: friend or foe in vaccine development?, Expert review of vaccines, 9 (2010) 835-842. PDF

R.K. Salyaev, M.M. Rigano, N.I. Rekoslavskaya, Development of plant-based mucosal vaccines against widespread infectious diseases, Expert review of vaccines, 9 (2010) 937-946. PDF
V. Yusibov, S. Rabindran, Recent progress in the development of plant derived vaccines, Expert review of vaccines, 7 (2008) 1173-1183. PDF
S.N. Shchelkunov, G.A. Shchelkunova, Plant-based vaccines against human hepatitis B virus, Expert review of vaccines, 9 (2010) 947-955. PDF

R. Franconi, O.C. Demurtas, S. Massa, Plant-derived vaccines and other therapeutics produced in contained systems, Expert review of vaccines, 9 (2010) 877-892. PDF

M. Paul, J.K. Ma, Plant-made immunogens and effective delivery strategies, Expert review of vaccines, 9 (2010) 821-833. PDF

H.Y. Ling, A. Pelosi, A.M. Walmsley, Current status of plant-made vaccines for veterinary purposes, Expert review of vaccines, 9 (2010) 971-982. PDF

C. Giorgi, R. Franconi, E.P. Rybicki, Human papillomavirus vaccines in plants, Expert review of vaccines, 9 (2010) 913-924. PDF 

A. Granell, A. Fernandez del-Carmen, D. Orzaez, In planta production of plant-derived and non-plant-derived adjuvants, Expert review of vaccines, 9 (2010) 843-858. PDF 

N. Scotti, L. Buonaguro, M.L. Tornesello, T. Cardi, F.M. Buonaguro, Plant-based anti-HIV-1 strategies: vaccine molecules and antiviral approaches, Expert review of vaccines, 9 (2010) 925-936. PDF  

T. Cardi, P. Lenzi, P. Maliga, Chloroplasts as expression platforms for plant-produced vaccines, Expert review of vaccines, 9 (2010) 893-911. PDF 

T.V. Komarova, S. Baschieri, M. Donini, C. Marusic, E. Benvenuto, Y.L. Dorokhov, Transient expression systems for plant-derived biopharmaceuticals, Expert review of vaccines, 9 (2010) 859-876. PDF  

J.A. Chichester, L.R. Haaheim, V. Yusibov, Using plant cells as influenza vaccine substrates, Expert review of vaccines, 8 (2009) 493-498. PDF 


Thun, M.J., Jacobs, E.J. & Patrono, C. The role of aspirin in cancer prevention. Nature reviews. Clinical oncology (2012). PDF

Steinman, R.M. Decisions about dendritic cells: past, present, and future. Annual review of immunology 30, 1-22 (2012). PDF
Yamaguchi, Y., Park, J.H. & Inouye, M. Toxin-antitoxin systems in bacteria and archaea. Annual review of genetics 45, 61-79 (2011). PDF
Cheung, W.C. et al. A proteomics approach for the identification and cloning of monoclonal antibodies from serum. Nat Biotechnol 30, 447-452 (2012). PDF

Haynes, B.F., Kelsoe, G., Harrison, S.C. & Kepler, T.B. B-cell-lineage immunogen design in vaccine development with HIV-1 as a case study. Nat Biotechnol 30, 423-433 (2012). PDF

Weber, K., Thomaschewski, M., Benten, D. & Fehse, B. RGB marking with lentiviral vectors for multicolor clonal cell tracking. Nature protocols 5, 839-849 (2012). PDF

Clarke, L. et al. The 1000 Genomes Project: data management and community access. Nature methods 9, 459-462 (2012). PDF

Hsu, C.Y. & Uludag, H. A simple and rapid nonviral approach to efficiently transfect primary tissue-derived cells using polyethylenimine. Nature protocols 7, 935-945 (2012). PDF 


Guttman, M. & Rinn, J.L. Modular regulatory principles of large non-coding RNAs. Nature 482, 339-346 (2012). PDF

Dethoff, E.A., Chugh, J., Mustoe, A.M. & Al-Hashimi, H.M. Functional complexity and regulation through RNA dynamics. Nature 482, 322-330 (2012). PDF
Wiedenheft, B., Sternberg, S.H. & Doudna, J.A. RNA-guided genetic silencing systems in bacteria and archaea. Nature 482, 331-338 (2012). PDF
Lujambio, A. & Lowe, S.W. The microcosmos of cancer. Nature 482, 347-355 (2012). PDF

Matson, C.K. & Zarkower, D. Sex and the singular DM domain: insights into sexual regulation, evolution and plasticity. Nature reviews. Genetics 13, 163-174 (2012). PDF

Chapman, S.J. & Hill, A.V. Human genetic susceptibility to infectious disease. Nature reviews. Genetics 13, 175-188 (2012). PDF

Daxinger, L. & Whitelaw, E. Understanding transgenerational epigenetic inheritance via the gametes in mammals. Nature reviews. Genetics 13, 153-162 (2012). PDF

Dermitzakis, E.T. Cellular genomics for complex traits. Nature reviews. Genetics 13, 215-220 (2012). PDF 

Rouet, R. et al. Expression of high-affinity human antibody fragments in bacteria. Nature protocols 7, 364-373 (2012). PDF

Zhang, H.B. et al. Construction of BIBAC and BAC libraries from a variety of organisms for advanced genomics research. Nature protocols 7, 479-499 (2012). PDF

Dow, L.E. et al. A pipeline for the generation of shRNA transgenic mice. Nature protocols 7, 374-393 (2012). PDF

Kasinski, A.L. & Slack, F.J. MicroRNAs en route to the clinic: progress in validating and targeting microRNAs for cancer therapy. Nat Rev Cancer 11, 849-864 (2011). PDF
Walter, P. & Ron, D. The unfolded protein response: from stress pathway to homeostatic regulation. Science 334, 1081-1086 (2011). PDF
De Clercq, E. A 40-year journey in search of selective antiviral chemotherapy. Annual review of pharmacology and toxicology 51, 1-24 (2011). PDF
van Kouwenhove, M., Kedde, M. & Agami, R. MicroRNA regulation by RNA-binding proteins and its implications for cancer. Nat Rev Cancer 11, 644-656 (2011). PDF
Yaffe, E. & Tanay, A. Probabilistic modeling of Hi-C contact maps eliminates systematic biases to characterize global chromosomal architecture. Nature genetics 43, 1059-1065 (2011). PDF
Khandekar, M.J., Cohen, P. & Spiegelman, B.M. Molecular mechanisms of cancer development in obesity. Nat Rev Cancer 11, 886-895 (2011). PDF
Hoelz, A., Debler, E.W. & Blobel, G. The structure of the nuclear pore complex. Annual review of biochemistry 80, 613-643 (2011). PDF
Kang, J.Y. & Lee, J.O. Structural biology of the Toll-like receptor family. Annual review of biochemistry 80, 917-941 (2011). PDF

Webb, B.A., Chimenti, M., Jacobson, M.P. & Barber, D.L. Dysregulated pH: a perfect storm for cancer progression. Nat Rev Cancer 11, 671-677 (2011). PDF
Lipkowitz, S. & Weissman, A.M. RINGs of good and evil: RING finger ubiquitin ligases at the crossroads of tumour suppression and oncogenesis. Nat Rev Cancer 11, 629-643 (2011). PDF
van Kouwenhove, M., Kedde, M. & Agami, R. MicroRNA regulation by RNA-binding proteins and its implications for cancer. Nat Rev Cancer 11, 644-656 (2011). PDF
Lesterhuis, W.J., Haanen, J.B. & Punt, C.J. Cancer immunotherapy - revisited. Nat Rev Drug Discov 10, 591-600 (2011). PDF
Tesson, L. et al. Knockout rats generated by embryo microinjection of TALENs. Nat Biotechnol 29, 695-696 (2011). PDF
Medina, R.A. & Garcia-Sastre, A. Influenza A viruses: new research developments. Nature reviews. Microbiology 9, 590-603 (2011). PDF
Gabriel, R. et al. An unbiased genome-wide analysis of zinc-finger nuclease specificity. Nat Biotechnol 29, 816-823 (2011). PDF
Prosser, H.M., Koike-Yusa, H., Cooper, J.D., Law, F.C. & Bradley, A. A resource of vectors and ES cells for targeted deletion of microRNAs in mice. Nat Biotechnol 29, 840-845 (2011). PDF 
Park, J.-E. et al. Dicer recognizes the 5[prime] end of RNA for efficient and accurate processing. Nature 475, 201-205 (2011). PDF
Raj, L. et al. Selective killing of cancer cells by a small molecule targeting the stress response to ROS. Nature 475, 231-234 (2011). PDF
Isaacs, F.J. et al. Precise Manipulation of Chromosomes in Vivo Enables Genome-Wide Codon Replacement. Science 333, 348-353 (2011). PDF
Ulrich, H.D. & Walden, H. Ubiquitin signalling in DNA replication and repair. Nature reviews. Molecular cell biology 11, 479-489 (2010). PDF
Ebert, A.D. & Svendsen, C.N. Human stem cells and drug screening: opportunities and challenges. Nature reviews. Drug discovery 9, 367-372 (2010). PDF
Fulda, S., Galluzzi, L. & Kroemer, G. Targeting mitochondria for cancer therapy. Nature reviews. Drug discovery 9, 447-464 (2010). PDF
Tseng, Y.H., Cypess, A.M. & Kahn, C.R. Cellular bioenergetics as a target for obesity therapy. Nature reviews. Drug discovery 9, 465-482 (2010). PDF
Keefe, A.D., Pai, S. & Ellington, A. Aptamers as therapeutics. Nature reviews. Drug discovery 9, 537-550 (2010). PDF
Petak, I., Schwab, R., Orfi, L., Kopper, L. & Keri, G. Integrating molecular diagnostics into anticancer drug discovery. Nature reviews. Drug discovery 9, 523-535 (2010). PDF
Tadmor, A.D., Ottesen, E.A., Leadbetter, J.R. & Phillips, R. Probing individual environmental bacteria for viruses by using microfluidic digital PCR. Science  333, 58-62 (2011). PDF

Notta, F. et al. Isolation of single human hematopoietic stem cells capable of long-term multilineage engraftment. Science 333, 218-221 (2011). PDF
Wirtz, D., Konstantopoulos, K. & Searson, P.C. The physics of cancer: the role of physical interactions and mechanical forces in metastasis. Nature reviews. Cancer 11, 512-522 (2011). PDF
Nardella, C., Clohessy, J.G., Alimonti, A. & Pandolfi, P.P. Pro-senescence therapy for cancer treatment. Nature reviews. Cancer 11, 503-511 (2011). PDF
Deans, A.J. & West, S.C. DNA interstrand crosslink repair and cancer. Nature reviews. Cancer 11, 467-480 (2011). PDF
Janes, M.R. & Rommel, C. Next-generation flow cytometry. Nature biotechnology 29, 602-604 (2011).  PDF 
Vogelstein, B. & Kinzler, K.W. Cancer genes and the pathways they control. Nat Med 10, 789-799 (2004). PDF
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Schwarzenbach, H., Hoon, D.S. & Pantel, K. Cell-free nucleic acids as biomarkers in cancer patients. Nat Rev Cancer 11, 426-437 (2011). PDF
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Lambert, G. et al. An analogy between the evolution of drug resistance in bacterial communities and malignant tissues. Nat Rev Cancer 11, 375-382 (2011). PDF
Fleishman, S.J. et al. Computational design of proteins targeting the conserved stem region of influenza hemagglutinin. Science 332, 816-821 (2011). PDF
Zhu, L. et al. Production of human monoclonal antibody in eggs of chimeric chickens. Nat Biotechnol 23, 1159-1169 (2005). PDF
Li, Z. et al. Systematic exploration of essential yeast gene function with temperature-sensitive mutants. Nat Biotechnol 29, 361-367 (2011). PDF
Huo, Y.X. et al. Conversion of proteins into biofuels by engineering nitrogen flux. Nat Biotechnol 29, 346-351 (2011). PDF
van den Boorn, J.G., Schlee, M., Coch, C. & Hartmann, G. SiRNA delivery with exosome nanoparticles. Nat Biotechnol 29, 325-326 (2011). PDF
Hughes, B. Antibody-drug conjugates for cancer: poised to deliver? Nat Rev Drug Discov 9, 665-667 (2010). PDF
Begg, A.C., Stewart, F.A. & Vens, C. Strategies to improve radiotherapy with targeted drugs. Nat Rev Cancer 11, 239-253 (2011). PDF
Ben-David, U. & Benvenisty, N. The tumorigenicity of human embryonic and induced pluripotent stem cells. Nat Rev Cancer 11, 268-277 (2011). PDF
Cooper, A.M., Mayer-Barber, K.D. & Sher, A. Role of innate cytokines in mycobacterial infection. Mucosal Immunol (2011). PDF
In vitro production of functional sperm in cultured neonatal mouse testes, Nature, Takehiko Ogawa, et.al. (2011)   PDF
Beyond natural antibodies: the power of in vitro display technologies,  Nature Biotechnology,  Andrew R M Bradbury, et.al. (2011)  PDF
A functionally characterized test set of human induced pluripotent stem cells, Nature Biotechnology, Kevin Eggan, et.al. (2011)  PDF
Telomeric and extra-telomeric roles for telomerase and the telomere-binding proteins, Nature Reviews: Cancer, Paula Martínez, et al. (2011)  PDF
From virus structure to chromatin: X-ray Diffraction to Three-Dimensional Electron Microscopy, Annual Reviews of  Biochemistry, Aaron Klug (2010)  PDF
The discovery of zinc fingers and their applications in gene regulation and genome manipulation, Annual Reviews of  Biochemistry, Aaron Klug (2010)  PDF
Development of Transgenic fungi That Kill Human Malaria Parasites in Mosquitoes, Science, Weiguo Fang, et.al. (2011)   PDF
mRNA Delivers the Goods,  Science,  Kumaran S. Ramamurthi (2011)  PDF
Translation-Independent Localization of mRNA in E. coli, Science, Orna Amster-Choder, et.al. (2011)  PDF
The Developmental Role of Agouti in Color Pattern Evolution, Science, Marie Manceau, et al. (2011)  PDF
Optogenetics: controlling cell function with light, Nature Methods, Erika Pastrana (2011)   PDF
Bioluminescence in the Sea,  Annual Review of Marine Science,  Steven H.D. Haddock, Mark A. Moline, James F. Case (2010)  PDF


Regulation of mRNA Translation and Stability by microRNAs, Annual Review of Biochemistry, Marc Robert Fabian, Nahum Sonenberg, Witold Filipowicz (2010)  PDF


Biochemical Principles of Small RNA Pathways, Annual Review of Biochemistry, Qinghua Liu, Zain Paroo (2010)  PDF
DNA polymerases and cancer, Nature Reviews Cancer, Sabine S. Lange, Kei-ichi Takata & Richard D. Wood (2011)  PDF
A TALE nuclease architecture for efficient genome editing, Nature Biotechnology, Jeffrey C Miller et.al. (2011)  PDF

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